Hey pancakenap here drinking Mollo Lime.


I’ve tried Mollo before. It’s fine. Nothing I’d seek out, but I don’t mind drinking one.


So I’m in Value Buds one day with a list of drink and edible products I’d like to buy. I’m talking to the lone bud tender at about 11AM one morning. I run down a few drinks I wanted and they bring a few from the back. They’re not the ones one the menu and they run back to storage to exchange them.

Someone else enters the store and beings queuing for the sole person keeping shop. The bud tender brings back an assortment of drinks. One I had requested, two were drinks they thought I might like. The person is behind me waiting so it’s my decision to spend the extra time getting other drinks and obtaining the edible products, while the line behind me builds. Or allow the person to go ahead of me and hope their order is brief. I chose the most direct path to exit, which was paying for the drinks and skipping on the edibles. The bud tender was aware and clearly felt bad. I paid, and as I was leaving the person behind me made a very short order. 

Anyways, that’s why we did a review of Summit Iced Tea and this Mollo Lime. Collective Project was the drink I wanted and that one turned out pretty good.


Pirce was $4.97. I think that price is pretty good when comparing it to the price of other cannabis beverages and pretty bad when comparing it to the price of other beverages in general.


Transparent liquid with a nice amber colour. Looks like apple juice with a bit of carbonation.


Has a nice lime tone on the frontage, it’s present without being overpowering. The rest of the taste is a mild, somewhat sweet and somewhat hoppy.

Notes on Consuming

Feels closer to juice than it does to beer

No cannabis tastes. Somewhat slippery mouth feel.


I’m rooting for a good malt beverage with cannabis extract added, this wasn’t it. It’s a semi-sweet liquid with a hint of lime, which isn’t all that bad, but lacks some of the dynamic flavour you’d experience with beer.

Consumer Benefits

A non-offensive beverage

Consumer Pain Points

No issues with the product


Brand reputation


It’s a compromise to drive to a retail store. I’d rather shop online and have the cannabis delivered.

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