Hey, doing some poop today. This is Unicorn Poop, bred by Thug Pug, and sold under the Tantalus Labs brand.

I grabbed this offering because I wanted to see if it were similar to the Unicorn Poop sent to me by Taylor King, which you can read about here. 

Spoiling the story, I wasn’t really able to determine to a reasonable degree if they were the same, but, someone on Reddit set me straight, and I was happy to believe them.


Wanted to see if it was similar to an offering I’ve seen previously.


Visuals are good. Size is on the smaller size, but detailed elements look good throughout the mix. Colouring is an interesting purple, accented by green and orange. Coverage looks more than decent from afar.


Buds impress well but will destruct with enough force; it’s pretty close to ideal IMO.


Frontage of the scents swoop into the low tones with a near chocolate earth under a varnished funk. The earths are intensely spiced and carry bitter sweets into the topside of the profile, which is characterized by the near offensive oily solvent tone. Coupled together, they do have the feel of stale poop, with inviting spice.


The flavour profile is an oily smear of spiced earths and pine, with citrus rind in staccato and peppered gas in forte. The character is gristly, but not harsh or off-putting; instead I’d suggest it interprets salty, and proteinous, like Umami, or gravy. The tastes are actually quite delicious, which is a weird thing to say about something named Poop.


Price per gram was $12.57 or $43.99 for the eighth. A good deviation above the average price per gram for the package size, but is about mid-range to the upper maximum for the size.


This left me with a good impression that was reminiscent of the original impression left the the version I reviewed previously.


Trendy genetics. Weird tastes, good visuals. Above average quality. Poop jokes without the reality of poop.




Breeder, strain name.


This was grown by someone else, so those seeking Tantalus Labs’ Unicorn Poop may have to switch brands.


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