Table Top’s ounce offering of Grease Monkey is the least expensive legal cannabis I’ve purchased in the three years I’ve been writing these reviews, but the lack of quality leaves some buyer’s remorse.

Grease Monkey

This is Exotic’s Grease Monkey, check out this review of Whistler’s Grease Monkey for a better example of this flower.


Price on this ounce was $78. This price point is comparable with the other ounce purchase I have made, Fair CannaCare’s AC/DC, which was also about $80.


Highlights include purple hues and some areas of good development. Unfortunately much of the buds in the package are lowers, or popcorn-sized buds. Overall, it’s very poor.


Feel is good. Hard to tell on the smaller buds but if you grab a bunch they have a firm, spongy feel.


Character is there, soft pine and pool cleaner. Magnitude of scent is disappointing, there is not much presence.


Tastes are present, not well defined. Perceptible in the first cycle of the vaporizer, but drop off very quickly. Longevity is very poor.


The price for this ounce was under $80, which makes for a $2 gram, and is amongst the lower price points that I’m aware of, recently or historically. Because the price is so low, perceived value greatly relies on the perception of quality, which differs from customer to customer.

Quality didn’t meet my expectations with respect to my history with the producer, but with respect to price paid, I’m not sure if my expectations were too high. Still, I wish that I could return this product. I would have appreciated knowing the product was smalls, or popcorn bud before purchasing so that I could have incorporated into my decision making process.


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