Queen of Bud Deadlights

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Although good quality at an acceptable price, the channel that drove me to purchase Deadlights, or Amethyst, was ignored by Queen of Bud.


Deadlights is a male Pennywise with a female AC/DC cannatonic cut, bred through a collaboration with NorStar Genetics and the late, great Subcool.


The sole detraction I can make is the surface detail is a bit lacking, appearing sunken below the tangled surface made up of the red stigma. Apart from that, the visuals are excellent; buds are full and plump. None are lacking in size. Colouring is mostly green but dips into deep purple in some places. Trichome coverage looks good, and this is a CBD dominant offering so my expectations are more relaxed as such.


The feel on these buds are soft and plush. They impress when pinched, with flawless return. It’s amongst the best I’ve seen from a legal producer.


Fierce citrus with inflections near mint take the high side above a sweet lemongrass base. The scent is prominent, and outlasting. I thought it was great.


The profile consists of heavy citrus, stealing the show from the earthier elements in the profile. With use, the citrus elements relent to their earthy bases, which brings the profile towards familiar cannatonic tastes, which I’d say is like a wet hay field.


I regard Subcool as a pillar in my cannabis experience, and purchased this offering based solely off that association. For me personally, the tertiary branding elements greatly overshadowed the primary elements of this purchase. My impression of the quality was outweighed by my regret that the breeder went unmentioned, and the original name of the cultivar was pasted over.

For those seeking citrus tastes, a CBD dominant cultivar, or both; this offering had great quality for a price that I’d relate is pretty fair.

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