Gummy Reviews

This is one of 4 reviews of gummy edible product completed March of 2021.

Purchase method

Selection methodology was buying one flavour of each brand of gummy I hadn’t tried before.


All reviews were completed within an hour of each other.

Review Protocol

I make comments on sensory elements of each. And I’ve summarized comments from a registered dietician who viewed the ingredients of each.

Price/Content Measures

Follow this link for a consumer report that gives the who, what, where, and how much for gummy products.


Gummies are about 3 centimetres square

2 gummies, rolled in sugar


Medium firmness


Tastes like strawberry

No off tastes, slight taste of oil at the beginning

Nutritional Comments

No artificial colours or flavours


Overall they’re pretty good, but they taste to me like gummies I’d make in my kitchen with Jello flavouring, which is not a compliment.

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