Hey, pancakenap here, with a beverage review. This time it’s Bedfellows’ Haus Mates.

I suppose cannabinoid content is an interesting point. The ratio is 3:1 THC to CBD (7.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD).

Short review here today. Below, I just make a few observations about the drink, and tell you if I liked it, or not.


The liquid not transparent. Almost looks cloudy, like a hefeweizen.

No head. Lacks carbonation. Zero risk of pouring too quick and foaming over. Makes it seem like pseudo-beer, or beer-like.


Has some hops, slightly sweet with citrus accent, finish is dry. Taste seem thin, like draft beer.

Leaves a slippery mouth feel.

No cannabis tastes.


Neat to try. Wouldn’t say it tastes great (tasted like draft beer) or was enjoyable to drink (slippery, or soapy mouth feel).

Thought it was a competitor to HEXO’s Mollo, but is another product from HEXO.

I can’t say I liked it.

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