Zombie Kush (Tranquility Organic) by The Green Organic Dutchman

Today we look at Zombie Kush, this one is from The Green Organic Dutchman, and they call it Tranquility Organic.

Shifting the format today to include more video content. The unboxing and macro shots have been moved into one video, which I narrate. I discuss vendor, lineage, visuals, tactile, olfaction (scent and taste) and value. I give an abstract summary after the introduction and a longer version to conclude the review. The topic of discussion is shown in the top right corner of the video, so you can move between or fast forward to the next.

I reference an infographic published by Iman Ghosh. The portion I discuss does appear to be sponsored (or perhaps, created) by this producer, I recommend the entire series anyways, it’s informative and easy to absorb.

The written short form review is below the video. We don’t have a pricing infographic at this time, as this offering isn’t available in recreational stores at this time.

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