Premium in nearly every category, this version of Ripper Seed’s Zombie Kush has beauty and presence, but lacks lab testing.

Today we review Zombie Kush. This is from the vendor AC Medical, this cannabis was sold without a licence.

I know Zombie Kush to be a Ripper Seed cultivar, a cross of a Sideral and a Bubba Kush. Sideral is an interesting cultivar (also from Ripper), comprised of Soma’s Lavender and Amnesia. So we seem to have a mix of continental popularity with this one.

Really excited to try it.

This Zombie Kush looks great. Visually memorable. It stood out from the group when I originally took these photos. Shape of is hybrid like, full like an indica would be but the largest but extends to three jagged peaks, very pleasing to the eye.

Beauty here is unusually deep. The surface of the Zombie looks caked in trichomes, making it seem a lighter shade of green. Hints of bright purple and nearly black violets show through the trichome mix. Gorgeous.

Zombie tactile stimuli is above average. We’re dense and firm. Crusty on the outside with a bit of internal give.

This is where it usually gets ugly but up close this Zombie looks surprisingly flawless. The only ‘foreign’ material I can spot seems to be other organic material, like this was packed with some trim. Needs a dusting but otherwise impressive.

Grinds to a finer mix, there are a few smaller immature seeds. I’ve shown the photo below, I’d regard it as minimal but, going forward I’m going to do a better job of showing you what I see and restricting my interpretation of it.

Scent of the Zombie Kush flower features a set of gassy citrus notes, more streamlined than rugged.

Flavours here are cavernous. Showcasing a series of reverberations of lemon and citrus notes, the profile is expansive, hollow and seemingly bottomless. The lemon lingers on the palate with the hydrophobicity of varnish, bringing slight musks and fuels to the mix. The notes are more stoic than dynamic but still rather ‘active’ from the rippling citrus.

This is another AC Medical offering, apart from their Air Cannabis Collective listings, most of what I’ve seen from them falls short somehow. But not this Zombie Kush. This stands above. Not sure who grew this, but I thought the quality seen here was a high achievement.

This is a $12 gram, and start to finish, this Zombie Kush was great. Yup, it had some seedy bits, but I personally feel quality overshadows the negatives.

We now have the luxury of expecting cannabis be tested by an accredited lab. This is my 16th review of cannabis sold without a testing certificate. Apart from increased variety, or cost savings (not both), I can’t tell you I’ve seen reliable benefit in quality over licensed cannabis. I can find things to complain about in both.

This Zombie Kush was good enough to be tested. And if it was, this may have a different ending. I know there must be outliers, those shadowing the regulations not licensed but does provide certification.

My exploration of cannabis is written daily in these reviews, they are chronological and continuous, limited in scope by the places I haven’t been to yet.

Over the coming weeks I’ll work to expand the scope. We’ll look at some flower from California. There are some new brands available in the Alberta Cannabis online store and, I’ll see if I can find if there are any rouge outliers that offer testing.

Here’s the other thing at play here, Aurora offers a Zombie Kush. Carried it in their medical store for 2 months in summer 2018, I think they’ve been the only one to have it. Didn’t break any records for cannabinoid content (12% total) but had 2% terpenes, which is pretty darn good right now. Why do I know that? Lab testing.

I write these reviews because I’m genuinely interested in the specifications of each cultivar and that includes the numbers, it is really important to me. Pretty sure Aurora also has their Zombie available in the recreational market too. So there is a very high probability that for my next Zombie Kush, I’ll look to Aurora.

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