This rendition of the award winning Zkittlez has robust olfactory character and respectable visuals for an expensive, yet worthwhile price.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another cannabis review. We’re going to look at an offering from a Californian dispensary today.

For this purchase, I went into a dispensary in San Diego and asked the bud tender to recommend a few single grams. He brought back an armful and I discarded every name I had tried before. The first one we look at is Zkittlez.

California does licensed cannabis a bit different than Canada. The product we’re looking at is branded for the dispensary I purchased it in, not the producer it was grown by. The cultivator is TAL18-0007777, sounds a bit robotic, so I’ll just call them Tali847 from now on.

Besides cannabinoid information, there is additional info given on the package, like the date harvested and the lab that tested the product.

This particular offering was cultivated October 20th 2018, I’d imagine this was the date of harvest. I’m not sure if this was cultivated outdoors or not, but there is potential with that date.

The cannabis was packaged 51 days after the cultivation date, on December 12 2018, allowing for roughly a 10-15 day dry and 35-45 day cure. I assume about 3-5 days (<10%) goes to transport time.

Cannabinoid content on this Zkittlez is 25.68%, with THC comprising about 4/5 of total content. I’m not sure if cannabinoid values are shown as decarboxylated or not. The package does not show any of the minor cannabinoids or if they were included in testing.

You’ll see the price of this cannabis is $15.00 per gram. That’s US dollars, with the conversion to Canadian its $20.16 per gram. You might be shocked by that, but I would absolutely buy this again, let me tell you why.

Visuals on this Zkittlez buds are respectable, at very least. My gram came as one large bud. Strictly conical, the bud was wide along the bottom and came to a dull point at the apex. Pistils seemed less prominent to me, perhaps due to their colouring or their number.

Density and moisture content are good as well, this bud is pleasing. Feels really fresh and somewhat lively.

I cut this up with scissors so I can’t comment on how it grinds, but I took a pretty good look at the surface of this bud with my camera and was really pleased with the condition I saw. I also inspected the processed cannabis for any seeds or other foreign material but lacked the lighting to properly do so.

The performance of the grapefruit-type tones in this cultivar are fantastic. Utterly, unabashedly, fantastic but somewhat intense and pervasive; a bit like having your mouth washed out with soap. Like many grapefruit hybrids, you may not like the act but you must relent, it is certainly a performance.

Scent on this Zkittlez is a pine and citrus medley in crescendo. Very little basenotes, the profile is upward with velocity. Pronunciation is high magnitude, fills the room immediately.

This flavour profile for Zkittlez is complicated, with exuberance. Long oily pines soaking in citrus sweets are the champions; broad, inert and flat. The flavour maintains a certain tartness throughout, with brings a very unique pairing of tastes to the palate. Opaque with zippy tart edges, the profile seems large and gregarious, strutting with confidence.

Zkittlez is a Grapefruit crossed to a Grape Ape, crossed again to an unknown cultivar. Many breeders have released their own version but I can somewhat confidently attribute the cultivar back to a 3rd Gen Family/Terp Hogz cup win. This same group seems to have created Dying Breed seeds, who is putting out some very attractive, and expensive genetics lately.

This Zkittlez is fantastic, my sincere compliments to Tali847 on the grow, I hope they got a good price for this. Based on this experience, I would absolutely spend the time to grow a Zkittlez plant.

Reflecting on the price, I was happy to pay the $15 USD or $20CAD for my first Zkittlez experience, I wanted a sure thing. And it was so memorable, I’d probably give it another go at the same price. But let’s say I end up wanting to make Zkittlez my daily affair, that price is untenable. Even at the ounce, this dispensary charges $300USD per 28 grams ($10.71USD per gram). You’d have to grow it.

This experience leaves me wanting to grow the authentic Dying Breed/TerpHogz/3rdFamily Zkittlez cultivar, which seems tough to find. Not the only example of cup wins begetting exclusivity I suppose. There is a ton of ‘Zkittlez’ and ‘Zkittlez’ derivatives available from other breeders, but I’m recommending holding out for the real thing.

Also, my awareness of Zkittlez came late, Dying Breed now has many Z-type cultivars, such as Watermelon Zkittlez (~$500USD per seed pack). So perhaps latecomers like me have the added choice of embracing the cutting edge.

This is what retail cannabis is all about. New cultivars, new smells and flavours. Maybe I wouldn’t buy Zkittlez everyday, but I would grow it to achieve a similar (or better) result. Totally worth $20 if you ask me.

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