Talking Zerpal Punch today, a Zkittlez, Purple Punch cross, thanks for joining me for it.

The vendor listed this as ‘Zerpal’, I’ve also seen this more commonly spelled Zurple, just an FYI on spelling.

Buyer Motivation

Strain name, lineage.


Colouring is shifted to the yellow tones as coverage on the surface is either trichome or stigma. Trim looks pretty good. Shape is longer, more slender.


Buds feel tight and firm a the nodes, and they impress with good return.


The aromas are varnished fruits wish silky earths. A skunky-sour aura emanates from the grinds, making it feel bigger than it really is.


Tastes are icy sweet, with lemon. The composition is soft, almost powdery. The exhale is creamy, and neutral. The finish is sweet leaving a candied taste at the back of the palate.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $9.99, leaning a bit higher than average for this vendor type, and about average from a legal store.


Impression is decent, the profile is good enough to decide if you like it.

Consumer Benefits

New name, somewhat different flavour profile.

Consumer Pains

Perhaps price, expectations of quality


Strain name: Punch strains are popular, so is Zkittlez.


Payment options, vendor type

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