This is a quick look at Wildlife D-Bubba, a purchase of mine I didn’t have a chance to do a formal review on.

I found this one disappointing, from multiple angles; visuals, olfaction and price.


We’re close to ghastly. By my eye, the cannabis wasn’t trimmed. Up close visuals were pretty poor. If there was some good, it was occluded by the bad.


Was good, had more than adequate moisture content (not a compliment).


Was weak. Came close to the Death Bubba character, if you want to be generous about it. Didn’t bring much magnitude, character was unclear.


Was weak also. I found it problematic to use in my vaporizer, because of the moisture content. Took some pre-heating to get it to produce vapour.


This is where Wildlife usually shines.  This was $8.75 per gram, and I didn’t feel good paying that, based on the quality I saw.

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