I think of THSeed’s Ultra Sour in our Canadian market like a touristy photo. It’s a beautiful $1.99 sunset postcard that you’d send to your arbitrary Aunt. Every store has one, basically the same image; just a re-arranged version of the one you saw previously. 

To argue the other side, THSeed’s Ultra Sour has a vocal audience, Canada likes it. Ultra Sour also looks good on paper, it makes good numbers. Qualitatively, it seems reliable, some of the worst producers have an Ultra Sour that looks good and tastes good, often at the same time. Built in demand and reliability, I get why a producer would want to grow, and offer Ultra Sour.

Hear it from me; ground floor consumer. The demand for Ultra Sour, and THSeeds in general, coupled with the increasing competition, presents an opportunity to tell this breeder’s story to Canadians, by bringing their creations to the market, in a way that relates their narrative properly. Which probably means you’ll have to pay them some money.

If someone doesn’t do it now, the new licenses coming online will bring most of their newer genetics, and fill in the story, like the patches of a quilt. I’m a fan of a coordinated, linear tale, THSeeds’ is more than 20 years long, it’s probably a story worth telling right.

Perhaps you’re reading this like “ah pancakenap, you have chosen a ridiculously bad name for this website, how would we put any faith in your awareness of  market trends?” I have no argument for this astute comment. Now, let’s proceed into this review of a great version Ultra Sour, that is likely capable of winning the race to the bottom, in a provincial market near you.


Visuals are alright. Size and structure for the single gram are good. Detailed visuals are just satisfactory, closer to bad than good. The bag wasn’t kind to the trichomes.


Feel was firm, buds appeared to be more strong than they were dry and fragile. 

Scent & Taste

The olfaction displayed offers more depth into the Ultra Sour profile. Does a good job of demonstrating the green tones, which are intensely mentholated. The base of the profile is dynamic with calm earths amongst chewy floral resins. Dries down into sweet herbs, like a geranium. 

While I don’t relish the Ultra Sour profile, I rated this offering well into the top half of the index. 


Is good, end of story. $7.50 single gram, regular price $9 and change. This purchase was made via the Shelter Market, medical store. As to the points I made above, the real question is probably about scalability, recreational price point and, maybe the most important, who actually grew this cannabis?


For consumers, this is Ultra Sour, by THSeeds. Many brands offer it. You may know it as Lime Light, Noisy Neighbour, LTRSR or just by the name it was given. If you like it, remember the breeder THSeeds; you’ll probably also like one of their subsequent creations. Easy recommendation to make.


I’ve done a handful of reviews of Wildlife branded products so far, I’ve been favourable on their stuff. Who are they though? From the description of this product, “Wildlife sources cannabis from trusted cultivators”.

Much of what I’ve seen from them appears to be older Aurora genetics, save for this Ultra Sour. I’d also relate I saw consistency throughout the products, I felt like everything I saw was grown by a single producer. That’s about as far as I can take it, based on the qualitative scope, and the information given in the listing. I suspect those conducting financial research may have more insight, but as a recent Wildlife fan, I’m wondering who actually grew this cannabis. 


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