Today we look at a Wildlife Cannabis offering of DNA Genetic’s Sour Tangie.

Short story here, this was beyond fantastic. The olfaction offered was easily top 5 in my recent history. After I weighed the entire scope of the review, I rated it 12th. And you might look at the same sample, and decide that’s a generous evaluation. This bud had the shape, but did not have the detailed good looks. Despite that, I still thought it was fantastic. 


This cannabis is closer to homely than it is good looking. Maybe that’s going a bit overboard, but I want to be upfront, this has a few blemishes. 

Shape and development are good, I received adequately sized buds in the package. Colour of the trichomes shifts the overall hue towards the yellow tones. The trim is on the rougher side. There’s some immature seeds poking through the topside of one of the buds. I found more than one fibre. 


Feel is spongey yet firm, leaving fluffy grinds. Well inside the ideal range.


Frontage is punchy, cheesy funk that grates the sinus like a fuel tone would. The base of the profile is citrus, with spiced earths. Projection of a Sour Tangie tends to be tenacious, this is no different. 


Flavours are sharp citrus, with a vinyl aspect as the profile meets a slightly funky midrange. The finish is more bitter than acidic, but still plays supportive of to the citrus note that characterizes the profile. With use, the tastes becomes more sour than tangie, with the citrus fuel mixture becoming quite aggressive.


I tend to rank Sour Tangie high on my list, and this rivals the best. On a purely qualitative scope, I thought this really came down to how you’d weigh the negative visual instances against the olfactory performance. Sure, it has a few imperfections. I’d argue the good shape, and stellar flavour profile is more than enough to give it major appeal.  

Whether you feel it’s in the top 10% or not, the comparative stats on price look great; top 5 in my personal purchase history. First time patient price was 18% lower than the average for my purchases in the 7g package size, which is mostly comprised of data from unlicensed vendors.

Relative count of 7g purchases (left). Unit price by vendor and product name (right).

Wildlife’s Sour Tangie is attractive where it matters; to your nose, and to your bank account. The macro visuals are not enough to discard it. Qualitatively, there’s more good than bad.

Not to take from the olfaction, I thought the big win here was price. And not just with respect to the legal market, with the cannabis market in general. Whatever your position on legality is, I think you’ll agree a quarter package in the $4 price segment is favourable to the consumer; it’s a value segment. And I think Wildlife deserves some recognition for bringing this level of quality at the price point. 

Thanks for reading today’s review.


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