Doing Purple LA today. This is another offering bred by DNA Genetics, but not labeled as such.


The operative portion of the name is said in two letters, LA. This is LA Confidential. Seed banks will list this as Purple x LA Confidential. I’m not sure if ‘Purple’ refers to a specify cultivar in the genealogy or if it’s a phenotypic reference. From the taste, I might lean towards the former, this is a bit different than strict LA Confidential.

The brand is Wildlife. They’re a processor, so I’m not sure how this cannabis was grown, or where it was sourced from.



Overall visuals on these buds lean rough. The buds are full sized, but the largest flowers I received are not the best of the bunch. The largest flower has a few areas where I can see directly through to the stem. It has a nice shape, it just doesn’t have the detailed development, and trichome coverage. There’s a bit of discoloured leaf left on the bud, contrasting the deep green colouring of the flowers.


Still in the ideal range, the buds feel a bit drier they’re a little more brittle. Sheer force will destruct the flower easily, however, all flowers withstand the compressibility test. You can impress them with great force and they don’t lose their structure.


Frontage on this scent is spice, low and undulating, it’s got a rumble to it. The mid range is tarry and somewhat woodsy, which blends in well to the spices. Even the top side of this profile lives in the low vibrations. Character overall is deep, dark, slow with viscous skunky edge.


The flavor profile keeps the afghani character. The frontage is spiced subtly, and the mid range showcases full body earths, slightly sweet and fruited, leaving with an earthy cherry note on the palate. Feel on the profile is like an untouched pond, serene and silent. None of the notes are in high magnitude, and none stick proud of one another. The composition is dynamic in the second dimension, linear. Dries down into earthy spices. The longevity on it is good, even though it’s not high in magnitude or projection, it does last.


I’m happy to relate good value here. I thought the magnitude in taste was enough to merit the price point, despite the uglier features these buds arrived with. You can double down on that if you sampled Purple LA from Aurora ~2017, this will let you know what you were missing.

Cannabinoid content on this offering is below average. I argue this is inconsequential. Ignoring everything else but cannabinoid content, the extra weight required to compensate for the lower % is just over a tenth of a gram, which amounts to around $0.75 for the weight I use (500-600mg). At that rate of use, you’re looking at an extra $3.75 over this package. Would I tell you to avoid this 15% THC package to ‘save’ $3.75? No.

With brands that process only, what use is this recommendation? At the time of writing, this product is sold out, and I’m not sure if we’ll see it again. And, like I mentioned above, I’m not sure who grew this. For a consumer reading this, and wanting to purchase this product, are they forced to wait to see if the unknown producer grows this again? And, if Wildlife buys it again? Which is fine; if the inconvenience is compensated by a break in price.


Wildlife Purple LA, get it in the $5 per gram segment if you can, it’s a decent indica. Brace for rough looks, but I thought the olfaction saved it. For what that’s worth, we’ll have to wait and see.

Like I said above, this is DNA’s Purple LA, which they no longer offer in seed form; it was a limited edition. Just on that basis, I think it’s something consumers of Canadian cannabis should have access too, and I felt $5 per gram in this package size was competitive, based on the quality I saw.

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