Today we look at a OG Grape Krypt.

I purchased this offering from Shelter Market, sold under a brand called Wildlife, which appears to be a processor. So I think it’s fair to surmise this cannabis wasn’t grown by Wildlife, but it was selected and bottled by them.


Visuals on this particular package are good. The container arrived comprised only of larger size buds that were full size and well developed. The only compromises to make on the visuals were from the container impressing the otherwise good looking flower and the small amount of trim left on the flower by the producer.


I’ve had it for about a month now keeping it in a humidor with a Boveda pack and the buds are still firm and fresh. I can pull the individual segments outward from the stem, and have them snap off, but they can hold the force while they do so. The feel is good, under compressive force they don’t disintegrate and are malleable.


Scent of the buds have a floral resonance to them, that’s very reminiscent of red grapes. Aroma is full bodied in the top notes, and pungent at the bottom where the berry tones begin to take shape. The composition includes pine and a bit of sweet earth, otherwise there’s not much in the profile to relate to an OG kush.


Frontage the flavours are dank berry, more chemical leaning like a strawberry diesel or Bruce Banner. In the vaporizer, the upper tones come out with a bit of lime citrus, bringing this back into the realm of OG type tastes, by my measure. I actually think it’s closer to chemdawg than it is an OG, the aura of the profile is candied, still maintaining grape flavour while enhancing the sweetness.


Price per gram was $5.57 in a 3.5 gram package, or $19.50. Without the 25% discount, the eighth is just under $25, or $6.96 per gram. Do I even need to make an argument here? I can tell you the quality is appropriate, those numbers sell themselves.


I’ve done a handful of Wildlife reviews so far, I really like their stuff, who ever they are. Pricing with the first time discount brushes against the market minimum, for ¬†any market. Without the discount, price is still very competitive. I’m a fan of their products.

Unfortunately for subsequent purchases, I’ve noticed substantial variance from the trend set by the first series of Wildlife reviews. There’s a tease for the Death Bubba review, I’ll be back to try to make a case for what I saw there, in the wake of these very positive reviews. And hey, thanks for reading this post.

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