This dashboard tracks the average price we’ve paid for whole flower cannabis during the course of these reviews. We also show standard deviations from the average (-1, -0.5, 0.5, and 1).

This chart orients price points in the Canadian cannabis market. The data that creates that chart is made up of our purchases for these reviews. Check it to view the average price we’re paying for these reviews and the price points that are above and below average.

Generally we suggest price points above the average are ‘expensive’ and the price points below are ‘cheaper’, relatively. Keep in mind, this graphic presents only one dimension of the value proposition; price. Check out our ranked list for offerings shown on a qualitative basis. 

Ways to Interact
  • Use the filter at the top left to filter between purchases made in medical and recreational markets.
  • Filter the data by province.
  • Filter the data by package size.
  • Hover/tap any data point to see the offering represented by the data point.

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