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Entirely forgettable and expensive, AC Medical’s White Widow doesn’t surpass the quality of tested cannabis available for a similar price.

Hey everyone, pretty sure we’re reviewing a White Widow today. The vendor has labeled it White Widdow, with the double d. Spelling isn’t important to this sleepy breakfast cat, so it won’t count against this offering. But, spelling is easier than both growing and selling cannabis, so we proceed with a slightly higher degree of scepticism than usual.

This is another AC Medical offering, I’ve had a mixed experience with them so far. They give little information about it but hint at the breeder in the description. According to AC, this flower is rated AAAA- which sounds like a good semester but not a full course load. The effects are told to be full bodied, cerebral and time bending. Hope that’s true, I plan to time travel back to the moment I purchased this White Widow, just in case I regret this purchase.

I’ve written about White Widow genealogy in a previous review, you can go back and read it, I really need the page views. There is also this Seedsman blog post, also a recommendable read.

White Widow is starting to be a bit too general. For me, when offering a White Widow, you better make some effort to differentiate it. At minimum tell me the breeder, extra points for every word about the phenotypic level. We get none of that for this purchase but don’t forget about that extra d they gave us to work with.

Ten licensed producers have offered White Widow so far, all call it White Widow. Probably one of the redder seas you can sail, but I’d argue the name has a built in fanbase.

White Widow phenotypes are also prevalent. The Jean Guy is one, although some are the actual Jean Guy and some are tributary. CannTrust has also debuted a proprietary White Widow phenotype that they have named Sugar Bush. By the way, in a poll performed by me (n=1), respondents were shown the words “Sugar Bush” and a randomized Rorschach blot, 100% of respondents said they saw a naked man in an open bathrobe chasing them.

Alright, so let’s look a this White Widdow from AC Medical.

Visuals on this flower are not AAAA-, they’re AACW at best. Definitely botched a few mid-terms and had to withdraw from a course right before the final. I’ll stop with the unfunny post-secondary education jokes. But seriously, this White Widow looks below standard.

This bud leans towards the drier side, but it’s not a tumbleweed. There is some density to the flower which lends itself positively to tactile stimuli. Trim is not great, some leafier buds disguise otherwise good looking flower.

Grinds well, leaves some larger particles but about half of it is dust-sized. This White Widow is affected by a few small seeds, by far not the worst I’ve seen.

Scent on these White Widow flowers are a bit earthy and surprisingly spicy. Projection is standard, closer to underwhelming than spectacular, but still respectable.

Flavours on this White Widow are sweet at first with a gentle decrease into some spicy earths and musky woods. Projection is lacking here and also not helpful, this composition is rather harmonious. Sometimes a single note singing proud can work with faded background singers playing secondary, but this particular White Widow is all faded background. Merely present, but uninspired.

This White Widow was $10 flat, a step under average for the 1 gram package size. White Widow can be purchased legally for around this price, maybe it also has seeds, but it will be tested and spelled correctly. Let’s check for fun.

On average, you can get a gram of White Widow for $8.72 per gram from a legal producer in Canada, that includes all package sizes. Highest I can find it is $12 per gram, lowest I can find it is $7 per gram.

Here’s another view of the scene for White Widow from legal online stores in Canada.

And now we’ll look below to see a compilation of data from two popular cannabis listing sites. Actual storefronts with addresses are shown, online operators without an address are still included in the totals.

For White Widow at the time of writing, the average price per gram from a legal online store is less than the average price per gram I can find elsewhere.

And that probably wraps it right there. This White Widow isn’t anything great, isn’t tested, has a few seeds and is more expensive than similar tested cannabis. This particular cannabis was purchased to write this review but I can’t think of another reason why someone would purchase it, or any other cultivar that is available with testing.

Thanks for joining me for this cannabis review. Before I leave, I’ll suggest to you to consider growing White Widow or any cannabis plant yourself. It’s easier than you think, you’ll save money and more importantly, you’ll save time.

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