Hey, welcome to the review today. I’m looking at an unbranded White Fire OG, and this is my first time reviewing an offering by this name.

White Fire OG is pretty popular, I have some awareness of it, and I think it’s synonymous with WiFi. So let’s check that first.


Parents on this cross appear to be Fire OG (Fire Kush) and The White, which supposedly is from Florida and you see it in a lot of Swamp Boys Genetics. And, White Fire OG appears to be synonymous with WiFi OG, or just WiFi.

Buyer Motivation

Name association


Visuals are about standard, buds appear well grown and have good surface detail. Trim is generally good, not too close. Size is medium small, shape is rounded and spherical. 


Very soft and chewy in the grinder.


Scents are bright pine with citrus diesel. At its apex, the profile is homogeneous, the pine/citrus mix is seamless. At the other end, the fuels give way to greasy diesel, it’s very guttural. 


Gas graced with candied sweet on the frontage. subtile pine and hashy earths. Because the pine is subtle, the profile seems polarized between the volatile gas and comfortable earths.

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $8, very competitive for this package size.


There was a good amount of olfactory quality, with good-enough visuals. Good overall but not great. 

Consumer Benefits

Value for money, good olfactory profile

Consumer Pains

Absence of higher level of quality


Single gram price point


Bulk discounts, payment options, and vendor type

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