Whistler Sour Jack

Hey I appreciate you joining for this review, we’re doing Whistler’s Sour Jack today.


Going out on a limb that this is some type of Sour Diesel, Jack Herer cross. By the logic I’m using, this could also be a cross of Sour Gorilla and Jack the Ripper. There’s also a chance it’s something else altogether.


Visuals are good to great. Bud size is adequate, some are better. Some may be broken down from a larger cola. Development is excellent. Colouring is expansive in green and violet hues. Some stigmas are orange, others appear white. Trim is close, follows surface contour but crevices still observable. Coverage is evident.


Feel is firm. After two weeks in the original container they emit some crackle when pressed but hold their structure.


Frontage on the scents is primarily citrus; moving towards a sweeter base of pert green tones and flat citrus. Theres nary any low tones to speak of, most of the profile stays in the mid-range.


Tastes are citrus rind, over geranium and banana peel. Feel is fresh, with sharp zest sticking to the palate on the exhale, giving the fresh green leave a gristly aspect. Character is bright and bold, but stays pleasant, not aggressive or jarring.


Price on this 5 gram container was $70, thats’s $14 per gram. With quality being more than acceptable, value depends on your perception of price.

Based on how I feel looking at the historical averages, $14 per gram is a high price to pay for cannabis, but I can see why someone might find value here. I also would not fault someone for avoiding the product because of the price.


Whistler Sour Jack, excellent quality with some interesting sensory elements. Not much info is given on what this is, but it’s priced so high you might not care anyways.

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