Hey thanks for reading today’s review, it’s on Whistler’s CBD Shark.

This listing is marked + on their web site, I think that means it’s e-beamed. Not really sure, I wasn’t able to find out via Whistler’s web site; might have missed it.  But, because the Rockstar I reviewed previously was marked organic, I think this is the e-beamed one.

Compared to the Rockstar, visuals on this suffer slightly. There’s some trim left, which you’ll know from reading my previous reviews, I’m pretty lax on. My contention is the colouring of the trim, looks kinda sickly, makes me wonder how the rest of it looked. Whatever the cause is exactly, I don’t know, but it does separate it from the better looking Rockstar. 

Whistler CBD Shark had some seeds. I found shards in my grinds and was able to pull once fairly mature seed from a flower. I tried to germinate it but before it did, I decided I wasn’t going to spend time growing Whistler’s CBD Shark.

This makes good cannabinoid content. This shark is one of the few CBD dominant offerings I’m aware of that tests over 20% total content, for what that’s worth to ya. I’d say it’s an attractive feature but not a selling point.

My quick read; looks ok, tastes boring, is a tad expensive, had some seeds. Its negative elements aren’t enough to write it off, the positive one’s aren’t enough to fall in love with it. For $12 per gram, I’d expect more elaborate tastes, or $2 back. That’s just me, I’d imagine you could feel better, or worse, about it. This was mid-range with some features that could cause you to sway your opinion either way. Still, if you don’t care about taste so much, and want the most measurable stuff for the least money, I’d point you to Wagner GE over this.

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