I generally ignore producers selling cannabis at prices above the market maximum, as I observed it by scraping Weedmaps and Leafly prior to Canada’s legalization. That’s why you haven’t seen a Whistler review out of me, they’re just above my pain threshold.

I’m doing this review by way of Whistler’s medical store, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought this cannabis. Price was $13.00 per gram, in a five gram package and I show the relative calculations below. If this were purchased from a recreational store, the price would be above $20 per gram which, if you ask me, is a reason to disregard it altogether.

As I am admittedly conservative on price, I do not relish relating the observations I’m about to.

This BC Rockstar from Whistler is great cannabis, both for the observational features, and for function. I’m not going to get to far into it, just hit the high points.


Olfaction is great, both in a vaporizer and in a joint. This Rockstar was  probably one of the better smoking experiences in my recent memory, performance and taste was ideal throughout, even impressive. Smell and taste were also above average, the Rockstar character was readily observable and available in depth.


The feel on the bud was excellent, the buds were firm, yet squishy. Relating touch to moisture content, the bud felt appropriate. Honestly if I were an LP with product in the market, I’d buy this product to use it as an example of where the goal line is.


Really the only knock I can give it is on genetics, Rockstar is fairly common and other producers have a similar product for cheaper. Moreover, when you look at the genetics available in the upper tier price point, I’d group this BC Rockstar with a CBD Skunk Haze, in the less desirable column. For what it’s worth, I really like a Rockstar, the flavour profile works for my symptoms, still, it’s not very popular these days.


For me, the good quality I saw here wouldn’t sway me from a better price, or a more attractive cultivar, the performance in combustion isn’t something I value, because I primarily use a vaporizer. For someone who values reliable, and pleasant combustion, you might want to take a hard look at this. I’d even hazard to say for those valuing these features, the extra money spent might be worthwhile (at the medical store price).

Organic Status

This cannabis is also organic certified (FVOPA). I’ll remind you that I personally see logic in organic products, but I’m reluctant to accept that these products should come at a premium price. There is certainly a possibility the organic status lead to the good function I saw in combustion, but I can’t verify this for you outside my own anecdotal observation. If there are any health benefits associated with smoking organic cannabis, I couldn’t find any, but if I do, I will certainly relay those to you, probably via my epitaph.


Anyways, there you go, one Whistler review, from me; a guy buying this stuff with after tax money. People say this competes with Broken Coast. And with respect to this BC Rockstar, I’d respond with a solid 10-4; that’s an affirmative from me big trucker.

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