Hey pancakenap here, with a data summary on the price I’ve paid for retail cannabis products in Canada.

This post covers cannabis prices with respect to the items purchased for these qualitative reviews. This is fun to look at, but it’s not representative of the market. Contact me with questions  about price, sales or availability the illicit or legal market in Canada. 

Data Summary

Introducing this process from a wide scope, I enjoy doing qualitative reviews of cannabis products, mostly purchased in Canada. I purchase the products myself, provide sensory information on an individual product basis, and summarize the data within in the context of my other purchases. 

I’m interested in price and quality between market sources we have in Canada, which are the legal recreational market and a medical market for patients with a prescription. There is also an active illicit market in Canada, which I refer to here as the legacy market, or the traditional market; as it was the source that serviced recreational cannabis consumer and medical patients previous to legalization, which it still continues to do today.

Which market has the best quality cannabis? Or the most reliable quality? Which market has the least expensive cannabis at its minimum point? Or the least expensive cannabis on average? These are some of the questions that I like to think about.

Much of my reviews are about whole flower cannabis products, but I also review other products too; like drinks, edibles, and concentrates. So I thought that would be the best place to start.

Here’s what I paid for any cannabis product, from any package size

I’ve set the filter to ‘Whole Flower’, move it to show other product types. Colour shows the number of reviews I’ve done for each package size, as per the legend top right.

Units differ by product category; beverages are in mL, flower and pre-rolls are shown by the gram, for instance.

This is inclusive across my entire purchase database; vendors from the legal recreational market, medical market and traditional market are included. 

Average price is shown at the top table, the bar graph shows the distribution between maximum and minimum prices paid for each package size. Hover or tap the bars for more information about the price span.

Here’s what I paid for Dried Flower, from any package size, By Market Source

As I said above, most of my reviews are on whole flower cannabis product. So the rest of the views will be fixed on that category, no others are included.

This next view shows price distribution by package size, but I’ve brought out the vendor type dimension to show how the price differs by package size for each market source. If you’d rather make the comparison the other way around market source for each package size, I show that in the next view.

Keep in mind, the data shown is derived from my purchases only, not the entire availability in the market. Check out CannStandard for more information on the entire market.

Here’s what I paid for Dried Flower, By Market Source, from any package size

So here’s the view I like, it’s the same as the last one but the summary is made with respect to package size, so you can clearly see the difference in price distribution between market sources.

Again, hover/tab the bars for detailed information on price distribution for each package size. There is also a date slider at the bottom, so you can see how things are looking lately.

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