West Coast Sour Diesel

Today we look at West Coast Sour Diesel.

This is the last of the Hempfest series, so now you can look back at all 28 of them, or check out the review summary.

In my mind, there’s a bit of grey area between East Coast Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, both are Sour Diesel with an Afghani. You know, because there’s less space on the east coast, so you can’t grow a big tall Sour Diesel, so ‘they’ added some Afghani into the mix to make it shorter. Now that that solid logic has been stated, I hope to find out what makes this a west coast, Sour Diesel. So let’s hop to it.


Turns out West Coast Sour Diesel is NorStar’s version of East Coast Sour Diesel. They’ve taken an East Coast Sour Diesel and crossed it to something called Frisco OG, which is a compilation of two popular NorCal cultivars, Deadhead OG and Hells Angel’s OG.


I called it a Kosher Kush. Not right, but I don’t feel so bad about it.

Cannabinoid Content

Total cannabinoids were tested at 15.4%, below average for both this contest and what I observe for a THC dominant offering in our Canadian legal market. It’s easy for me to mention that measure, but it’s harder to quantify how much I enjoyed this flower, which I did, thoroughly. Had I discounted it because of a slightly lower cannabinoid content, I would have missed out.


This placed 7th for the judges favourite. I went hard on the visuals but overall, I rated it above average. Turns out the other judges did too.


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