Looking at an Ethos bred variety today, produced by Weed Me, this is Grandpa’s Stash.


I’m doing this review by way of a request that came from this producer, or someone working for them.

I take requests, but actually don’t get too many of them. Most of the time, I do them by way of a friend in the community, or when I decline an offer of gifted retail cannabis.

If you want me to review a product that is available in a retail store, feel free to reach out. I’ll take the request, but I’m going to buy the product from a store, using my own money. No promises the review will be positive; I also don’t give a timeline, or make contact when the review is written.

I’ve also created this poll with a few things I’ve been thinking of reviewing in the future. Feel free to vote for the ones I’ve picked, or add one you’d like reviewed.

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If your product is homegrown, or a product that is soon to be available in the retail market, I’m encouraging you to gift that to me. I’ll write from an appreciative perspective, send you the photos I take for your use, and I do a post about it.

Like I mentioned above, doing this one on request from the producer. I bought one of their products, and the producer isn’t paying me anything to write this.


After my chat with the Weed Me rep, I do a quick check on their website and see what they have available in the market. I had reviewed one of their products previously, I didn’t prefer the quality and I didn’t see anything new out.

At this point, I thought about getting back to the rep with “Are you sure you want me to do this review?”. Instead, I decided it would be better to back burner this request to sometime next year.

A week or two later, I see a post about a sale Lake City Cannabis is having. An eighth of Broken Coast is going for $10 and change. Not long after, I got a trade going with someone who calls 3.5 grams of cannabis half-quarters. And while I’m making a plan to do my buying at Lake City, I see they have Weed Me’s Grandpa’s Stash on sale, so I thought ‘shit, why not?’.


Most of Weed Me’s current menu isn’t representative of the popular trend. Grandpa’s Stash was the only recognizable name, so that’s what I went with.

Grandpa’s Stash is bred by Ethos, and is a mix of Skunk, OG and Afghani. Dates are given for each; 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and 1970 Afghani Kush, but that’s as precise as the lineage gets, we don’t know whom the parental or offspring were. 


Visuals are good. All the standards are here in basic form.

Development is good overall and up close. Shape and size is more than appropriate. There’s no holes, gaps or areas of poorer development; consistency is evident.

Trim is ok, not perfect, but still good. No areas of discolouration. I see a couple instances of petiole that could have been clipped. The stems needed a bit of manicure. Again, still good, not perfect.

No lux colouring. Trichome coverage is respectable. Some patches of amber trichomes observable.


I’d call the feel good, but it’s on the line. When I impress the buds, they emit a crackle and don’t appear to return to the original shape. Still, the moisture content is enough to keep the structure intact.


Frontage on the aroma is earthy, with a chewy floral resonance, ending with a slightly pungent turn.  Character is close to a reduction of anthocyanin and smoothed myrcene earths. Projection and strength seem lacking, you really have to put your nose into this bag to get the full breadth of the profile.


The earths take the centre stage in what envelopes to be a respectable performance. Secondary notes of slightly skunked vanilla against floral tobaccos present an interesting facet that tends to characterize this profile. The finish is arguably more intense, leaves a strange, yet alluring feel on the palate. 

Character comes across clear, and full in the two larger buds, but are greatly subdued in the smaller bud.

Tastes are prevalent, but nowhere near aggressive; much of the character exists in the lower end of the flavour spectrum.

Not usually in the scope of my reviews, I also smoked this flower in the most unforgiving rolling paper I know; Raw Black Classic. I rolled it up multiple times, often puffing on the joint infrequently. Just letting it hang from my lips, sinking lower in my seat, listening to Fergie on Non-Stop-Pop, like I’m so 2008. The tastes weren’t that fantastic but function was undeniably great, it never went out.


This offering was purchased at Lake City Cannabis. Checking the retail price at the provincial body ($42.99), looks like this is purchased at a 7.5% discount. 

Sale price on this was $39.99 on a 3.5g pack, or $11.43 per gram. Being realistic, value is probably acceptable at that point in the current recreational market, but I wouldn’t call it a deal. The difference in quality between this Grandpa’s Stash and the big-guy value brands, Redecan, or PSF in the single digit per gram prices might be negligible to some consumers.

At the risk of generalizing the profile too much; you can get myrcene earths for cheap these days, so to really find value here, you’ve got to be a lover of the strange aspect brought on by the tobacco- vanilla composition. I felt like Sundial’s Jager OG had similar character, which might present an avenue towards this Weed Me offering. 


Weed Me Grandpa’s Stash; unless you dig the flavour profile, no part of it is fantastic. I’d be as bold to say no part of it nears disappointing. Grow method is hydro in rock wool, I felt it smoked really well. Price point is on the good side of top end. Although the value proposition is still favorable, there is a ton of competition bringing better rates, so if you’re not fussy about the flavour profile or the breeder, it’s possible to pay a lot less for something that isn’t all that different qualitatively.

I post pictures of what I buy on social media, the community gives comments and reactions based on the pictures. Usually I receive a good mix of comments, not for this one. These pictures yielded fairly negative comments, across two social media platforms, from growers I respect. So the above comments I made when writing the review with the actual cannabis, I have to stand by them. Below are links to the comments I got from those who viewed the photos; thought it would add good balance. 


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