Welcome to pancakenap.com, because if I called it something like ‘expert Cannabis reviews’, I’d have to to take it more seriously. And, if I’m being completely honest, I do take this way more seriously than I should… so you get a two jokes today, one with a bit of tragic self reflection.

I’d rather omit this review and move on to something more with a bit more, but I thought the cultivar was something to have on your radar.

For educational purposes, know that Wedding Crasher is a Wedding Cake, Purple Punch cross, created by Symbiotic. I’d call it ‘hot’, but it might be safer to call it new. Will it realize the same popularity of its parent Purple Punch? Or the incredible popularity of a Blue Dream or Blueberry? It might be too early to see, but with respect to this entry, it depends.

This is Wedding Crasher, but during the review, I thought it was a good looking OG, with the salty note of insecticidal soap. Just tasted that way to me, wasn’t entirely sure, didn’t even look to see if the rest of the judges reported the same thing, and I didn’t perform any testing of my own to determine if my observations were accurate or not.

In all fairness, I don’t actually know if this was soap I tasted, there wasn’t pesticide testing done for this contest, only cannabinoid and terpene testing. So I say soap, but it is out of the realm of possibility that I could have been drinking water from a glass that was washed, but not rinsed properly? Sure. I could also just be completely wrong.

It leaves me with some interesting thoughts. If my observations were true, it’s easy, don’t spray your plant. If I’m wrong, then I marked someone’s entry poorly based on bad observations, which I wouldn’t feel good about. As a judge, I don’t have many suggestions, this is a policy topic. As a grower considering entering  a contest, I’m wondering how I validate my grow in the case of an inaccurate observation. Or should I take the risk of washing my bud to eliminate anything I missed? 

So there you go, you can read the review below on this entry. Doesn’t have cannabinoid testing and did not place, so there isn’t much to see on it. And, of all the comments I could muster up, I wrote “tastes like insecticidal soap”….  not the most comprehensive feedback I’ve given.


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