We’re looking at Watersprite today, this is a Tantalus Labs cultivar.

I’m surprised I like this as much as I did. In my recollection of it, Watersprite had good looks and deep tastes, if you took the time to notice them. Otherwise, I remember it as expensive, from a few angles. My attention to it is like a bell curve; low at first, peaks when I reviewed it and drops off immediately afterwards. Despite the good features, I had nearly forgotten about Watersprite altogether.

There are offerings that I’ve liked that go against the grain of traditional marketing channels, Watersprite isn’t one of them. Price aside, this met the visual prerequisite. Olfactory content, while good, just wasn’t where it needed to be. There are characters capable of turning the narrative and there are characters that fill the background, this is the latter, respectably so. The solace is, at least by my qualitative review, the deficiency appears to be more nature than nurture. You can hold this in your hands and observe the good quality, in the larger variance of what’s available from cannabis, it struggles to create a definition for itself in the catalogue of my olfactory memory.

Check the review below, it’s fairly positive compared to my retrospective feelings on it.

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