Wagner GE by JWC1 min read

Hey, welcome.

Today’s post marks the 200th post on this website since its recreation last fall. Sincere thanks for being here, and for this ceremony, which is just a quick nod in passing. This whole thing works a lot better when neither of us think about it too much. Let’s get back to it.

I have 4 JWC offerings to choose from as I start this review. I thought I would pick the one I’m most excited about to look at first. Fairly easy call to make, it’s the Wagner GE, a 1:2 THC:CBD offering. Of the bunch, Wagner has the looks and moreover, bold olfaction.

There’s little lead in here, I know nothing about Wagner GE, never encountered these genetics previously. I can tell you this at first glance, for a CBD dominant cultivar, this level of cannabinoid content (6.53%THC and 12.8%CBD) is above average.

Here is the unboxing video, the formal review follows.

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