Wabanaki (Rio Bravo) Pre-roll by Organigram (Edison)

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Riddled with seeds and comparatively expensive, this Organigram Wabanaki Pre-roll yields no surprises.

Hey everybody, thanks for joining me for another review.

We’re looking at Organigram’s Wabanaki Pre-roll today. I’ve reviewed the whole flower version previously, and we’ll see similar quality in this pre-roll product.

This Wabanaki is my 8th review of an Organigram product and my 9th review of a pre-roll product. If you’ve read one of these reviews before, you’re not going to see anything new here. If you’re just joining me, welcome, what we’re going to see is a very regular occurrence.

This is a 0.5 gram pre-roll with 85mg of total THC, which is about 17% THC, packed January 19 2019. Purchase price from the Alberta Cannabis online store was $6.95 per pre-roll or $13.90 per gram. The current average of my pre-roll purchases is $12.86 per gram, or 8% less expensive than the pre-roll in this review.

Contents of this pre-roll were removed from the paper and weighed, I found it to be accurate (to 0.1g). The material was placed in a filter box and shaken gently, intermittently, over a period of 4 days, stopping when I thought filtration was no longer taking place.

Using a scale that weighs to the hundredth, I found the filtered material weighed 0.16 grams. The material (stem and seed) that did not pass through the screen measured 0.19 grams. The remaining 0.15 grams was lost during transfer, filtration or can be attributed to the degree of error on the scale used to take the weight originally.

Check back to my review of Tweed’s Sunset Pre-roll, I’d tell you it was less compromised but it still had seeds and stem. Of the 9 pre-rolls I’ve reviewed so far, all have been affected to some degree.

I’m not surprised by the condition of this Wabanaki, we saw this level of quality during the review of the Wabanaki whole flower product, and in most other reviews of Organigram product.

Thanks again for reading this one, see you for the next one.

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