Despite being affected by numerous small seeds, Organigram’s Wabanaki delivers an attractive profile from a flower that feels better than it looks.

Here we go with Organigram’s best, this Wabanaki. Like the majority of Organigram product I’ve purchased, this flower contains seeds. Small ones this time, but very numerous. If you purchased this bud, or any Organigram or Edison product, you should take extra care to look at it really closely.

Let’s start with structure. These buds are small lowers. This is not Organigram’s Edison Reserve product, this is just their plebeian Edison product. Despite the small size, they look ok. Not sure why someone would go to the trouble of trimming these small buds, but they did, and then I bought them.

Consistency and moisture content is actually really good. Crispy with a slight amount of give, you can crush them with some force but if you let off, they bounce back a bit. Performance in this column is well above satisfactory. Ironically enough, the consistency is so good that you can press really hard and feel all the seeds inside each calyx. Feels like buying a new car with the airbags already deployed. Otherwise, this level of consistency would be indicative of good flavours.

Side note, I ground this flower up and placed it in my vaporizer (I use a Volcano). I can count about 5 tiny seeds within the small amount of grounds I didn’t remove from the grinder.

The flavours on this Wabanaki are really good, I can tell immediately why this is their best. I’d call it a nice, low-lying haze. The flavours translate Mediterranean to me, bordering on exotic. The champion of the the profile is a mix of sandalwood and earthy spices that is pretty sticky on the palate. The low tones are complimented by an icy haze note that mixes some bright spices with light menthols. The upper ranges of the profile is rather fleeting, but it leaves you with some enjoyable wood tones. Again, this is really likeable, shame it’s affected by seeds.

Organigram does not give the lineage for this Wabanaki, but many of their cultivars are renamed, quick flowering indica or cash crop varieties, I wouldn’t go out on a limb to say this is anything different. There are a few good hazes that flower under 60 days, I searched seedfinder with those parameters and found 292 cultivars. The list has some Neville’s Haze, a few Amnesias, few Cinderella 99s. Most prominent on the list is Jack Herer. I can’t be sure which this is, some of this profile is similar to a Jack Herer but the spicer edges were unlike most of the Jacks I’ve tried. Who knows? Would be nice to have the background, but still enjoyable none the less.

Here’s the pivotal point of this review for me. Most of Organigram’s stuff I just throw in the garbage or return to the store. I have a few chunks of this Wabanaki left after this review, and I’ll probably use it in a vaporizer, maybe. The flavours had a lot to enjoy, I can see why this is well liked. But make sure you really check it out for seeds, and if you find some, contact the vendor you bought it from, surely they’ll give you your money back (ha!).

If you like this profile, there are several other producers that grow something with similar tastes. Broken Coast has a NL#5 Haze, it has similar lower wood notes against some peppy hazes. There is also something called Neville’s Haze that I don’t believe is available from a licensed producer yet, but it’s worth waiting for.

Within the confines of this review alone, Organigram’s Wabanaki has good flavours, above satisfactory moisture content, but fails the recommendation test because it has a ton of seeds in it. I’ve ranked it 55 out of 68 at the time or writing, within the upper echelon of other seedy offerings with good flavour, like Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa and CannTrust’s Warlock and White Widow.

You could use it in a vaporizer, sure, or you could buy from a producer that doesn’t have this problem going on. Most of what I’ve purchased from Organigram has been affected by seeds, (4/6 recreational purchases, 1/6 was returned before it was ground, the remaining I should have looked at more). And it’s not just Organigram, it’s also reliably Aphria, CannTrust and Starseed, I’ve seen seeds across multiple containers from these producers. I’ve also seen Aurora, Emblem and Tweed, products affected only once.

Let’s leave on a positive note, here are the licensed producers that I’ve purchased multiple containers from and have seen seeds zero times; 7ACRES, Acreage Pharms, JWC, Maricann, MedReleaf, Tantalus Labs and THC BioMed. I can also mention ABCann, Sundial and United Greeneries here, but I have only purchased one package from these producers.

Below, we see historical availability for this offering. The data for the graph was generated from listings placed on provincial web stores.

This offering was purchased from the ALGC Alberta Cannabis website. Check out this review summary of all my purchases from this vendor.

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