Violator, or Violator Kush, one of my most beloved cannabis plants. 

I first encountered this cultivar at Cannabis Culture in Toronto, 2017. I purchased a single gram for $12, and had a great time with it, while taking in the Toronto sights. Every time I use a Violator Kush, it brings me right back to that. Most regard this as a ‘couch-lock type’ flower, but to me, this is walking around weed.


This offering is bred by Barney’s Farm, it’s a cross of Malana and Hindu Kush. I think this is an original creation of theirs, not a synonymous copy, originally popularized by another breeder.

Cannabinoid Content

This entry did 14.7% total content, about a fifth less than the contest average. Totally respectable. The interesting element is the lack of other cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, CBN etc., 14.2% of the total content was THC (97% of all content). I’ll have to run the ratios to see how relevant this is in the dataset (edit: I checked, its not that relevant).


I guessed this was a Kosher Kush. This entry had some off-putting olfaction. Whether that be related to genetics or otherwise, I could not determine via the review.

This entry didn’t place, nor did it meet the top of my list. I noted some visual detractions, otherwise it was about standard for the contest. 

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