Doing Ultra Sour, again. This is from Zenabis. Purchased at Lake City Cannabis.

The weed was ok. You can read about it below. They can eek this one out the door there over at Zenabis but I don’t even know if they’ll be in business by the time I post this. But don’t dismay, Ultra Sour is also available at a few other notable LPs, so you’ll still be able to get it should we enter the post-Zenabis era.

Ultra Sour is bred by THSeeds. It’s a popular cultivar in our market and that’s perfectly fine. This is based on their MKUltra, which is also incredibly popular and has lead to many popular hybrids. Said it 3 times, it’s popular. 

But THSeeds have done so much afterwards, twice over. And we have none of it available legally. Its like everything after Harry Potter #2 never made it to Canada, and nobody knows what a Dementor is, or what happened to Dobby.

So not reviewing Birthday Cake or French Cookies. Not Heavy Duty Fruity, nor SAGE or Kushage. Not even Bubble Gum. Not to mention their whole new line of Zkittlez hybrids. But it is MK-Ultra Sour Kush, and I suppose is interesting enough to see twice.

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