Looking at an unbranded UK Cheese here today.


This is said to be a Skunk #1 phenotype. The vendor uses the familiar Exodus story for this listing.

Buyer Motivation

I want to like Cheese


Smaller scraggly buds. Structure not full, some open spaces. Trim often surpasses the shape of the bud. Several stems included. Poor surface detail on most buds.


Feel is fairly dry, grinds to a heavier mix.


Fuzzy skunk, crumbly at the frontage. Feels more like sharp cheddar than it does a creamier cheese. Finishes into a fruity funk.


Clean linen overlapping metallic skunk presents on the frontage, secondary notes are fruit, softly tarnished with rotten notes.

Value Statement

Price was $3.50 per gram, a very low price in any market. At this price an ounce is $98. Best approached with caution.


Tastes better than it looked, which is where you want to be. Still, I’d hesitate to say it makes a good impression.

Consumer Benefits

Low price for a widely recognizable strain. 

Consumer Pains

Quality is below average, buds are obviously smalls or popcorn.


Price and strain name. This wasn’t billed as popcorn bud in the listing, but some people find value in that category.


Aside from issues with the vendor type, there aren’t too many drivers away from this listing. If you were able to see it first, some might want to pay more for better quality. 

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