We have UK Cheese today. This one is by Tweed, they sell it under their self-titled brand, Tweed, and call it Balmoral.

UK Cheese is based off a unique Skunk #1 phenotype (known as Cheese and later, Exodus Cheese) that was popularized during the 90’s in the UK. Some descriptions compare the popularity of Cheese in the UK with the popularity of OG Kush in the US.

Several breeders have created something they call a UK Cheese. Based on the descriptions I read, my favourite comes from Elev8 seeds, it’s a cross of two carefully selected Cheese cuts from the UK community. Other breeders, like Green Fantasy Seeds, have crossed their cut of Exodus Cheese back to an Afghani. With that being said, I’m not sure of the lineage for Tweed’s version.

The vendor’s description notes this is a THC dominant hybrid and we’re in for ‘spicy hints of hops and clove‘.

Balmoral is Caryophyllene dominant (40%) with a limonene (16%) and myrcene (12%) backer. Other terpenes make up the remaining 32% of the profile. Again, no idea of actual content is given.

This is a THC dominant offering, and active content ranges from 15-25% THC, my package arrived on the high side of the range, 21% THC (with 0.76% actual).

Tweed grew this Cheese in a warehouse, packaging date was March 21 2019 and were going to give it a review 102 days later.

Visuals are standard for a one gram package. Buds leave a bit to be desired, they’re small, fingernail sized, with looser morphology. There’s a nice variance in the green hues of the flower, from lighter to deep forest green.

Buds were delicate by touch, very dry. The looser morphology doesn’t lend itself to the dryness, all the buds are easily compressed by hand.

Grinds look ok, but just that. The level of premature reproductive growth contained in the seeds is noticeable.

Scent of the flowers is slightly fruity, with rough pepper notes blending into an expanse of smokey earths. Character is dark, and somewhat sinister.

Flavours lean clean, with flat fruits seamlessly connecting to metallic skunk twang. Most of the profile is bright and fruity, the metallic fruits occlude the earth and pepper notes but become more prominent with use.

Pronunciation is adequate, longevity does a bit better. Flavours are present, not wealthy or forceful, but there is content to enjoy. There is a change from high level fruits to some earths with decent grunt, it doesn’t travel far, but there is some movement.

Price was $12.49 per single gram. I thought the flavours brought enough content but some may be taken back by the delicacy of these buds. For those seeking UK Cheese, this might satisfy, I thought the tastes were good. For those not sticky on the cultivar, there are offerings with superior quality, for less. For those looking for a quality product at this (arguably) premium price point, Tweed is probably not the brand you want.

Price gets into the $9 range in some provinces, I’m on the fence in saying there’s value at that level with this quality. Overall, wasn’t too bad, especially for Tweed. Wasn’t memorable by any generous measure, either positively or negatively.

Anyways, there it is. Big thanks to you, the reader. See you for the next one.

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