We have the UBC Chemo today.

This is illicit cannabis sold by Doob Dasher, price on it is $5.14 per gram. I procured this back in January, and we review it over 80 days later.

UBC Chemo is legendary in Canadian cannabis, the lineage is unknown. The information on seed finder describes it as a cut created by the government and David Suzuki, gifted to the BC Bud Depot a week before the person holding the cut was raided. Said to grow with a unique leaf pattern, the plant grows short with a longer, 11 week flowering time.

Visually, it’s great. Buds are full sized, with a nice round shape at the base, coming to a dull point at the top. Colouring is appealing, vibrant purples contrast the greens. Trim isn’t premium, which hurts visually more than anything.

In the details, the bud doesn’t look fantastic, there are some hair and errant fibres attached.

The buds feel dry but have a certain density, so they aren’t compressible by hand. The internal give BC OGs would describe as ‘nerfy’ isn’t present here, these are more firm and rigid.

Here are the grinds.

Scent of this UBC flower are prominently dark woods. Smokey and viscous, with a mesmerizing pungency. The depth is coaxing.

The aromatics come out in the flavours. Long resinous woods define the profile, there is much draw in their structure. Lined by slight musks, the character here is natural, confident and tranquil.

Price on this was $5.14 per gram for a 3.5 gram package, under $20 total, DoobDasher is reliably economical. Lack of content and pesticide testing is the only complaint I have about it, aside from the few hairs we saw.

Grow your own. UBC Chemo is available at BC Bud Depot. Their version finishes in 8-9 weeks indoors, yielding 500 grams per square meter. They actually don’t tag it for outdoor, but I don’t see why you couldn’t run this outdoors. Jordan of the Islands also has a Chemo, the description notes it finishes mid to late October, so perhaps it is best to exercise caution because of the longer flowering time.

At the time of writing, no legal producer grows a ‘UBC Chemo’ but this is only a matter of time, I’d expect someone to capitalize on the built in regional popularity this cultivar has. Similar to Organigram releasing the R2, which is popular in the Maritimes.

Thanks, for reading! See you for the next one.

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