Hey pancakenap here today with another review of a Canadian gummy product. This is Twd. Sativa & Strawberry, a product by Canopy Growth.

Gummy Reviews

For these gummy reviews I grab one offering from every brand available on the provincial online store (that I haven’t seen yet). Check out the whole list of gummy reviews here.

I take photos of everything and a dietician summarizes the ingredients, while noting anything interesting.

From there I make a few observations while consuming the gummy. Finally I note the price and content. 

  • 10 ingredients
  • 2 sweeteners: sugar and glucose syrup
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavour
  • Natural colours (beet red, anthocyanin)
  • No oil
  • preservative: citric acid, potassium citrate

The dietician noted that this gummy did not contain a carrier agent. Most of these gummies include MCT, another carrier oil or just distillate.

She also noted she preferred this gummy because there were less ingredients than the others. 


Shape appeared to be like a strawberry. Colouring was desaturated towards the underside of some gummies.


Gummy is firm but not rubbery or chewy. 


Taste is not very strong but seems less artificial and more natural. One gummy I felt had a waxy cannabis aftertaste.



Price was $6.49, or $0.65 per mg of THC. This is one of the least expensive gummies I’ve reviewed, but still about 80% more expensive than the average I calculate over 650 listings for unlicensed gummy product.


The package was listed as containing 10mg of THC, over 5 gummies.


Lowest per mg price for THC observed so far.

Shaped like a strawberry.

Flavour is lighter, not that strong.

Colouring not consistent throughout. Some discoloured edges.

Does not list a carrier oil on the ingredients.

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