Thanks for joining me for the review, we’re looking at HEXO’s Tropical Fruit.

This was the strongest of the 5, you could really taste the cannabis.

Tied for second highest for the amount of sugar contained.

It was the most expensive of the five drinks I bought, by the drink and by unit volume.

Content is higher than average so this is actually cheaper than the current per mg average cost in my purchase history.


Fruity frontage with candied overtones, bitter syrup mid-range with a strong earthy finish. Tastes like dosed fruit juice.

Other Notes

Cannabis is immediately noticeable. Muted herbal tastes.

Response is pretty immediate, I no longer notice it by the time I’ve finished the first third. The plastic syrup taste is still apparent on the palate.

Aftertaste is the musty herbal, like the back of a van that has shag carpet installed.

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