Was really impressed by the Kolab ICC diamonds, both from a quality and price standpoint, Tropicana Cookies. By both measures it was better than the diamond product I had reviewed previously.

I felt a bit of pride for Canadian cannabis; thinking Canadians have access to a concentrate product which, I felt, was a great value. That’s with respect to my  personal experience, and likely, the historical average price for any diamond product, I thought.

Wanting to test this, I searched for the best, and possibly more importantly, most competitively priced diamonds I could find, to compare to the Kolab product.


I searched a database of historical prices compiled from MOMs and listing aggregators, calculated the average price for this product type, and selected vendors below the average. Reviewed offerings from those selected vendors, cross referenced with what I could find on Reddit, and chose the product I thought would offer the best value, regardless of the vendor’s license status.

These Tropicana Cookies diamonds were listed as a Full Spectrum Extract, but turned out to be comparable to a crystallized, solid product (like the Kolab diamonds).


Size and shape of the crystals differ throughout, from ~3cm at their largest length, to only a few millimetres at their smallest. There’s little transparency, most crystals are opaque. Colouring differs throughout, some crystals appear near colourless, some are saturated with amber. There is little liquid in the container, but there does appear to be a hydrophobic, syrupy coating on the crystals. I noticed a few instances of debris in the crystals.


For fans of risky behaviour, these are workable by hand. Easier for the solid rocks, less so for the shards. Those looking for better precision and cleanliness will use a metal or silicone tool.


Scents are watery citrus that takes its stance in some low tone earths. Slight florals and cool fruit take the edge of the tart citrus, making for a smoothed approach. Character is bright and sweet, feel is warm and friendly.


Tastes of Tropicana Cookies are sweet citrus with tart rind subdued behind calm earths with a slight vinyl tone. Flavours are prominent, but leave quickly with little finish.


Price was lower here than the Kolab ICC comparable; $36 per gram, or about 26% lower. There is a bulk discount offered (10% per tier), for instance, if you buy 7 grams of diamonds the price is $227. 

I mention the bulk price because while I was writing this, I saw a post on reddit from u/ForestryFellas, where they posted a picture of 7 grams of Kolab ICC diamonds they got for $280 (with 25% off discount), taxes in (all my calculations don’t include tax or shipping). Pretty darn good.

comparitive Summary

When you stack up all the tertiary benefits of the legal purchase, the extra 10-20% on a quarter of diamonds falls negligible, I’d argue. My argument is weaker for the smaller package sizes. And when you lose the 25% discount u/ForestryFellas cited, I think I lose the logic for this comparable specifically, but not for the average price for this sub-product type across all vendors.

I’m very happy to see Kolab’s product available to Canadians, and I think they deserve some recognition for bringing it at a price point that’s competitive with what’s available in the current market, legal or otherwise. There’s still room to do better with respect to some comparisons, but it beats much of the market I saw while writing this review for Tropicana Cookies.

Thanks for reading. I do hope it brings you satisfaction in your upcoming purchases. 

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