The value offered by Top Leaf’s GSC flower at $14.29 per gram is fully overshadowed by tainted aroma and taste; coupled with poor function for both smoking and vaporizing, the cannabis is unusable. 

Here we go with Sundial’s Top Leaf GSC or Girl Scout Cookie.

Never a good sign when someone gives the lot # right away, this is lot 0461013192P216, packed Dec 31 2019.

This is awful cannabis, that’s what I’d tell you. I can’t even use it.


Visually, it’s standard to bad, depending on how close you look.


I’d call the feel good.

Scent & Taste

The olfaction is near rancid.

There is something up with this cannabis, its readily observable by the olfactory senses. The profile is devoid of much else but a dry ammonia note, that is deeply penetrating and aggravating. Gets slightly better when you grind the bud.

Whatever is tainting the olfaction smears through the taste, ruining it entirely.

I use a volcano vaporizer, and I had to immediately switch to a fresh bag and valve internals because the tainted taste was so pervasive afterwards. I tried smoking it, and wasn’t able to get through it. Had black ash, impeded combustion.


This was a $50 eighth (3.5g), or $14.29 per gram. The cannabis is not usable. There is no value to reflect here.


Going back to look at the macro photos, there are a few suspicious elements to this cannabis, but not one singular visual element I can suggest as support for the bad taste. 

The obvious observation; most of the trichomes are yellow to brown, especially at the bulb, where they seem malformed or congealed together. I think you can observe this in the pictures.

There are multiple areas of concern, but nothing that I can definitively show. Stigmas, that look unusually fuzzy. Areas that look discoloured, especially towards the edges of the growth, or near the cuts. The trim is close, sculpted even. There are multiple areas that were over trimmed, cutting over some areas housing smaller seeds.

By the way it smells, you’d expect to see something observable, but this is not the case. You’ll just have to see for yourself, or take my word for it.


I’ve ranked this Top Leaf GSC dead last in the spectrum of all cannabis I’ve reviewed; it’s unusable and expensive.

The remainder of the contents of this container is preserved in a plastic bag, with a little bit of air left inside. I am storing it in a cool, dry space, free of light. I have removed the humidipak that arrived inside the container. Should anyone wish to have this cannabis, for the purposes of study, I would be happy to gift it to you.



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