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Today we review Tom Ford Pink. Sometimes called Island Pink or abbreviated as TFPK.

Tom seems to be a Vancouver Island staple, lauded for its strength. Previous to this review, that’s all I really knew about it.

I’m actually more familiar with Tom Ford the person. He’s a Texan, and fashion designer, with a suite of fragrances sold under his name. My favourite is Black Orchid.


My go-to information resource is Seedfinder, but with the influx of new North American varieties, some of them might not yet be shown on the site. Which is the case for TFPK. From reading a slew of message boards and blog sites, it’s a Pink Kush with some unknown genetics (many sources suggest the unknown counterpart is an OG Kush).


The reason I bought this TFPK came from doing an interview with Logan of Dunn Cannabis. Tom Ford Pink is one of the parents of their Island Pink Head. The other being Screwhead OG, which I will also review.

Let’s move into this specific offering.


Single gram price on this offering is in the $3-4 range, multiples lower than average.

This product had a few viable seeds inside. Some may find this a positive. I de-ranked it accordingly.

I found taste and smell stopped short. Still an enjoyable composition, but was an underwhelming mix.

Content listed is 30% THC, which is unbelievable.


Hope you enjoy the quick read. This data point will be more interesting when I compare it with a $15/gram offering of TFPK, which I’d expect to be better quality.

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