Going to introduce a new producer today. This offering is by Ag Medica, and they sell it under their Vertical brand. The cultivar we review is Thamesview Dream, a CBD dominant dried flower offering. I chose to purchase this for its unique terpene profile, it contains cymene and eucalyptol, which you don’t see commonly.

Continuing on terpenes, this is terpinol dominant (26%), with cymene (20.9%) and eucalyptol (16.2%). Other terpenes comprise the remaining third. Again, these are relative measurements, we don’t get to know how much terpene content this has, only those amounts relative to each other.

None the less, the vendor describes this as a ‘very rich terpene profile’, so we have to take them at their word. They call the olfaction ‘fresh, rich and minty’. The description is really only 14 words long and two of those are ‘rich’, I’m left wanting a bit more background here.

This offering comes from Ontario, grown in a specialty indoor facility. Ag Medica packaged this March 4th 2019, and I’m doing this review one hundred days later, exactly.

Let’s talk about the name, Thamesview Dream. Ag Medica shows 8 offerings on their medical site. Two are CBD dominant, neither have eucalyptol. Only one contains cymene, Riverview Ride, which is a separate listing but we’ll note the similarity of the names below.

To me, Thamesview Dream sounds like it describes when a butler considers leaving the household that employs them, like when Geoffrey thought he won the lottery on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Which probably isn’t correct, so let’s take a second to check it.

The river bisecting the city of London is called the Thames (phonetically, temz) or, if you’re from there, The River Thames (extra points if you roll the r). So, Thamesview is likely just that, a view of the river. Not sure where the ‘Dream’ aspect comes in, although we could anticipate some haze influence here.

Edit: I’ve been informed there is also a Thames River in Ontario, Canada, where this cannabis was produced (thanks to @bruinfn4lf  for the info!). I’m about the make the assertion that Thamesview Dream may be associated with the UK, but there’s a stronger probability it’s been named for the river in Ontario.

So I can make a somewhat educated guess that this is named after, or maybe even from the UK. I think that’s cool. So, pip-pip, tally-ho, if all goes well, later on we’ll take the tube to get some good curry on Brick Lane.

Brick Lane, London, 2012

Visuals on Thamesview are not great, but not bad. The buds are smaller, and spherical, perhaps about a centimetre in diameter. Some larger buds are present in the container, they look a bit more ‘knuckley’, stemming from a small circumference on the node and becoming larger towards the distal end of the flower.

With that being said, visuals from the package are nearly exact to what is shown in the listing picture, which is refreshing. Often, the listing shows full bud and what arrives is near crumbs.

Buds are crispy, with a good amount of internal give. A hard press only fractures them into larger shards, there is density and observable moisture content with this product.

Grinds to a level I’d call respectable. If you vape, this appears more than functional. I tried smoking it, but I wouldn’t call it enjoyable. They’ve got a fair amount of premature seed growth inside.

Scents are exactly as described by the vendor. Bright citrus wedges open the palate before the herbal frontage thickens the profile. The feel here is soft, green and delectably complex.

Heat smoothes out the flavours in the vaporizer. It’s a touch acidic, from the citrus, but tastes flow softly into musky wood tones, and blend effortlessly with the eucalyptus and mint, which charges the overall character of the profile. Fresh and delicate, with a touch of punch. I’m really impressed by it.

Like the opening line of a mid ’90s Jay-Z song, you might be asking: “can I hit it in the morning, without giving you half of my dough”? The Thamesview profile is bright and fresh, and it’s CBD dominant– you could definitely hit this in the morning. Now, do you have to give up half of your money? Well, there it becomes tricky.

Price on this was $15.14 per gram, in a 3.5 gram container. This is the most expensive weed I’ve purchased in Alberta so far. More expensive than Broken Coast, but doesn’t surpass it in quality. Easily beats all the other crap hanging out in the $13-15 range, but I’m cautious in saying there is good value at this price point, especially if you don’t consider the terpene content unique, which I do. Let’s check that real quick.

There are only 3 dried flower offerings in the entire Canadian legal cannabis market that offer Eucalyptol as one of the 3 dominant terpenes, Thamesview Dream is one of them. I can derive a bit of value from that, but not so much to justify the price point. By the way, the other two are Up’s Moon and Tweed’s Moonbeam, I’ve already reviewed both.

We saw good stuff here, if you have a chance to try the Thamesview Dream, you should, but try not to buy it. Thought the flavour profile had robust character, despite the standard pronunciation it was capable of. The cannabinoid content lends itself to the friendly tastes, you could use this in the daytime and expect to be functional. You lose me on the price though.

With some $15 flowers, I have to relent, pay the asking price for the experience. I’m not sure I can say that about Thamesview Dream. Try it, and you’ll probably like it, but better value exists elsewhere. In terms of current legal market competition, I can make a case for this at the $11-12 per gram price point. In terms of the full spectrum of quality cannabis, this is probably $5 per gram weed.

Regardless, I’m favourable on the cultivar, Thamesview Dream, or whatever it actually is. It’s one I would absolutely grow myself, if it were available to me.

Thanks for reading my work, and cheerio until the next one.

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