Hey pancakenap here, I’m walking you through blind review #4.

This is a review that Squid Pants and I perform together. We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and summarize what we found during the video call. Then we each make our own comments and pool it into a post like this.


This is an anonymized review that follows this general protocol:

  • Squid Pants and I review from separate provinces (Ontario and Alberta).
  • We make a list of ten or so items we can get in both provinces.
  • One buyer representing one of us chooses which cannabis to purchase and relays the info to the other buyer.
  • Both buyers purchase the cannabis.
  • Both buyers remove the cannabis from the original container and place it in a new, unmarked container.
  • Squid Pants and I get together on a call to review the cannabis in the unmarked container and try to guess what offering was purchased.

Shown below is the list our buyer chose from:

Here is a video of the unboxing of the de-branded products. I got lazy with the editing and kept it longer, here is the table of contents in case you want to skip ahead to the next subject:

0:00 – Intro

0:09 – Review Candidates

2:36 – Initial Impressions

3:52 – Visuals

4:11 – Ontario Package

5:29 – Alberta Package

6:00 – Feel

7:32 – Grind

9:46 – Initial Guesses

13:12 – Taste

16:42 – Reviewing the List

23:33 – Reveal

25:47 – Price

29:05 – Recommendation


You can see in the video, Squid Pants’ and I ran down the list and decided this Rockstar Tuna was the best candidate, based on what we saw from the flowers.


Squid Pants bought his sample from Ontario’s provincial store (OCS) for $34.95, or close to $10 per gram.

My sample was purchased from an Albertan private store (New Leaf Cannabis) where I paid $25.74 or $7.35 per gram.

New Criteria

Squid Pants and I got together to make a criteria form for these reviews. Previously I’d use a Good/Neutral/Bad rating system. This new one is point based and more precise.

We rank on the same sensory criteria (visuals, feel, scent and taste) and we’ve broken down each into a few simple subcategories. The criteria is weighted towards taste and scent, with visuals and feel making up a smaller component of the total points.

The outcome is pooled data and analysis from multiple perspectives. For instance, in this review, Squid Pants awarded this offering 27 out of 70 total points. Whereas I went a bit softer with 33 out of 70 points. We only have a few offerings in the dataset currently but both scores are under our current average of 37 points (-27% under for Squid Pants and -10% for myself).

Next is our formal reviews of this product. The reviewer is noted on the first page where we also show the stats and outcome. Full details appear on the final 3 pages. 

pancakenap’s Review:
Alberta Package

The package contains buds with some detractions like petiole and trim, plus it lacks any luxury elements like violet colouring or frosty trichome coverage. I’d probably call it average. If you’re looking at the pictures and feel the looks are bad I wouldn’t argue, but if you feel like they’re good, I would.


Buds have a dense feel, but do not return when pressed. Grinds are fluffy and somewhat dry, not cohesive. 


Warm, fruity earths with funky pine. The breadth of the profile is short but the constituents  show up in good detail. Pronunciation is about average.


Skunky pine meets the palate with a metallic tinge before a fog of swampy earths. Slight floral perfumes show up as secondary notes. The flavour profile isn’t monumental, but it is present in appreciable dimension. 


Not great or good, this was cool to see once.

Squid Pants’ Review:
Ontario Package

Bad trim, stemmy, small to medium buds.


Decent density, acceptable return. Bad cohesion [on the grinds], un-uniform grind size.


Kind of nasty since it tends to the tuna side, but quite weak.


Same as scent. Unfortunately.


Despite it be very powerful, I see no reason to visit this again.

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