Another quick review today, this is called Harmony Organic, it’s a CBD Skunk Haze.


Big shape. Fairly weak details. Ton of trim left, making the bud look rough and unkempt. And not the good kind of rough and unkempt, like that bad-boy you could probably change and introduce to your parents one day. This is the other kind, the one that never wears deodorant and follows you to your car after work.

Scent and Taste

Perhaps the most memorable element of this offering was the eucalyptus scent and taste, it was so prominent you could use this to freshen your breath.


Price on this one was $28.99 for the 3.5 gram package, which I have positive regard for. I think there’s favorable value here at $8 per gram. Had the quality in the olfaction, which is where it matters. Goes double if you’re fine with good shape, and don’t look at the visual details. 


Harmony Organic, the 4th CBD Skunk Haze I’ve reviewed, it’s the least expensive so far, not the best qualitatively, but definitely the one with the most interesting tastes.

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