I first encountered Terpedo at a Cannalysts podcast summer 2019. I had been invited to participate in a blind olfaction test that the Cannalysts were hosting. Each contestant brought two different types of cannabis flower and tried to guess what each was. The Terpedo was brought of the test and I was unable to correctly identify it, but I do remember it was high in terpinolene.

I left the podcast with the Terpedo flower, bringing it home on the plane with me. I kept it until I ran out of good weed to use, and the Terpedo carried me through until the next grow turned over. The flowers looked awesome, and I wasn’t upset when I found three mature seeds inside.

Grew the three Terpedo seeds, and selected one female plant to work with. She’s a bit more stout, but has thin stems and makes a lot of sharp leaves that hang heavy from its structure.

So, only got to smell it at the start of the summer. Now, at the end of the summer, I’m going to officially review it. Here we go, doing the Terpedo.

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