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Grow Discussion

Tclewsi, I attend a call each week where Squid Pants hosts a group of home growers. Each week there’s the main topic, usually, one of the groups presenting, then we do a tour of one of our grows, usually whoever has their lights on at the time. We all have different skill sets, so I end up learning something new each time, that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

We all decided to form a small contest with our homegrown cannabis.

The contest is called TCLEWSI, which stands for “The Canadian Legal Enough Weed Slam Invitational”.


We set some timelines and designed simple sensory criteria for the evaluation of Tclewsi.

The date for submission was April 20, 2021. Everyone on the call submitted something or judged the cannabis.

The criteria were set to be simple; we honed the weights as the data came in, and again after a round of discussion with the group.

Squid Pants also programmed questions related to the grow, and the experience, plus a few other subjective measures, so we got some really interesting data out of the small sample.

Contest Parameters

The Tclewsi contest included 13 samples of dried flowers and was evaluated by 15 judges over the course of 18 days.

Growers submitted the cannabis to Squid Pants, who blinded, coded, and delivered all samples to the participating judges. 

Judges followed a simple protocol written by Squid Pants and myself and submitted their observations via a Google Form. 


Shown below, are the pictures I took of the submissions I got to see, which is every entry except the flower I submitted to this contest of Tclewsi.

Names of the cultivar, breeders and lineages are shown in the caption of each photo. Keeping the contest anonymous, I do not credit the growers.

  • Platinum Kush Mints
  • Future S1, self pollenated by the growers
  • Wild Thailand (aka Landrace Thai)
  • Remo Chemo
  • OG Kush Auto by Dinafem
  • Sweet 'n Sour by Mephisto Genetic
  • BMG - A Pure Kush
  • Malibu Marsha
  • Runaway Bride
  • Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Co
  • Pink Punch 2.0 by Future Genetix

Throughout the 18 days, 177 responses were received.

I have shown a video of responses by day below.

Timeline and Rate

The contest lasted 18 days, extended from its original timeline of 13 days. When planning this, we went with a 1 (gram) submission per day model, thinking each judge would look at one entry per day, for 13 days.

Over the total time span (18 days), there were 11.06 responses per day from each of the 15 judges, or 0.73 responses per judge, per day.

Two of the 15 judges had extraneous issues, and which required the timeline extension. Previous to the extension, the judges were responding at a higher rate of 11.92 responses per day, or 0.79 per judge, per day.

Some judges studied early, some crammed; most coasted through at an even pace. The majority of judges stayed near to the average of 0.8 responses per day. Some completed all entries within a 5-day span from the contest’s start, or the two-day span before the contest’s finish.

Calculation Method

The outcome was calculated by summing the points awarded for each category and multiplying each sum by its weight. This calculation heavily favors taste, then scent, with feel and visuals being the least weighted.

For each sample, the sum of points was averaged by the number of judges who evaluated it. The average of each sample was used to determine the outcome of the contest.

Outcome of Tclewsi

The highest points awarded were 10.10, the average of the group was 7.3, the median was a bit higher at 7.6.

Of the 13 entries, 9 beat the average, 6 beat the median.

The winner (Mango Sunrise by Night Owl Seeds) achieved an 8.558, a decrease of 4.2% brings us to second place (Platinum Kush Mints x Platinum, 8.198), and third (Future S1) achieved an 8.185 (0.16% difference from the second place).

Places 2,3,4 differ by less than 1%. Places 5-9 differ by less than 10%. 

Tenth place is 21% of the first-place score. The last place score is 46% of the first-place score.


Thanks for reading this post of Tclewsi.

If you saw your cannabis flower here, thanks for entering the contest. And thanks for participating as a judge if you saw your evaluation data used.

Big thanks to Squid Pants, for planning the contest, coordinating the blinding, and managing the shipping.


Contact Squid Pants via Instagram for more information about the weekly grow call or the next version of TCLEWSI.

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