Hey pancakenap here with Tantalus Labs Wedding Crashers

I remember this as bad flower, might as well get that right out there. It looked old, and was more than double the packaging length of my average purchase. There were several instances of bisexual inflorescence, ‘hermied buds’ or ‘nanners (I think I saw all three). Trim was poor. In many areas the trichomes were congealed together and appeared discoloured. Price was average, or just below it. I ranked it below average in every single sensory category, except for taste. Overall it got a C, or 10% less than the current average at the time.

What it did surprisingly well, was perform in the olfactory and gustatory columns. Which is somewhat unusual for a product of this age, with or without a humidipak. The container was glass which had a tight seal glued to the top. Somehow this product appeared to have had better longevity, compared to other aged product I’ve been buying lately. Stay tuned for more reviews on old flowers in the coming weeks. 

Anyways, here’s the review. It had some wins but based on what I saw, there was little value at this price point and product age.


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