Today we review Tantalus Labs’ Pacific OG, which is their variant of Goji OG.

I’ll admit I know nothing of this offering, only that it’s bred by Bhodi, so let’s discuss the lineage.


Goji OG is a cross of Nepali OG and something called Snow Lotus, which is a Blockhead x Afgooey. 

Just as an aside,  the linage for Snow Lotus is similar to the lineage given by Tantalus for Serratus. Really not in the scope of this review, just something I noticed. 


Visuals are above standard, but only that. You get appreciable size with good development up close. Colouring is typical green. Structure isn’t beefed up. Trichomes don’t look crazy up close. Lacks the luxury features, but it does the fundamentals well enough you don’t miss luxury.


Feel is tender, leaning slightly dry on smaller buds. Crackle is emitted when pressed. Ok density. 


Scents are doughy sweet vanilla, supported by soft earth tones that abuts against slight solvent. Character is powdery and pastel.


Flavours are smooth and doughy. Slight berry which interprets near sorbet or unsweetened dairy. Finishes with dank pine, rounding back to berry notes. Has great dynamism and good longevity, dries down into slight berry and new pine. 


Price on this half quarter was $41.99, thats’ $12 flat a gram. The price is more than I’d like to pay, but there’s enough quality to rationalize it in the current market: most approaches I can list are favorable.

Those looking for apex quality; this isn’t going to wow you, but it’s no slouch either. Depending on your level of discernment, it’ll be mid-range on your list, offering more bang for your buck than its peers I can name.

Those looking to get a deal on the upper side of the market, dip your toe into this, the water is fine. The product has most of lux features, with a price 20% less than the top tier prices. Quality over price is in the consumer’s favour, but don’t fall in love with it– no bulk option.

Those with the hard line for value, I’m looking at something around $25 in this package size to recommend to you. At the time of writing, the bottom of the market in AB is $4 per gram, this is 3x the price. By my read on this, quality scales with price, but still, you’ll get better utility from something else. 


Tantalus Pacific OG, I saw it alongside the competing Goji OG from Qwest. I thought this one was more delicate, the profile leans towards creamy berry, which gives it a similar feel to a sorbet-type cultivar. The price point is a bit less expensive than the upper tear brands, some of the luxury qualitative elements aren’t there but I felt like the trade-off was favorable to the consumer. This was good to see once but lack of bulk discount might make it unaffordable for those who end up liking it.



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