Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake

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Hey there, pancakenap here, with Tantalus Lab’s version of Seed Junky’s LA Kush Cake.

We have a blinded review today, as performed by Squid Pants and myself.

We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and reflect on the quality of the products. Then we look at price and sales across all offerings of LA Kush Cake in the market.

Blind Reviews

Like the Boaz Pizza Breath review, this is an anonymized review that follows this general protocol:

  • Squid Pants and I review from separate provinces (Ontario and Alberta).
  • We make a list of ten or so items we can get in both provinces.
  • One buyer representing one of us chooses which cannabis to purchase and relays the info to the other buyer.
  • Both buyers remove the cannabis from the original container and place it in a new, unmarked container.
  • Squid Pants and I get together on a call to review the cannabis in the unmarked container and try to guess what offering was purchased.

Shown below is the list our buyer chose from:

Check out the video review here:


We felt neutral about the visuals. I received a collection of medium sized buds. Squid Pants got a smaller distribution of buds, many with looser structure.


We both felt the buds felt dry, and produced grinds that lacked cohesiveness.


I found good smell, with sweet cake-y earths.


While I liked the surprisingly good tastes with crisp pronunciation, Squid Pants was  taken with the bright and sweet citrus (presumably from the OG Kush contribution) addition to the classic cake tastes.

Qualitative Summary

Saved by good olfaction, we both found the good scent and taste overshadowed the lacklustre visual and tactile features of this offering.


Both wrong; Squid Pants guessed Strain Rec’s Ice Cream Cake on a whim, I guessed 7Acres Craft Collective Kush Cake because of the dry feel and the Kush earths.


Squid Pants bought his sample from Ontario’s provincial store (OCS), which has recently been discounted to $10.56/g, from $13.29/g.

I bought my sample from an Albertan private store (Co-op Cannabis), and paid $7.43/g.

Competing Offerings

Next we’ll look at price and sales of the 3 other brands offering LA Kush Cake.

Market prices

In late 2020, you were looking at $13 per gram for LA Kush Cake. Natural History was the first brand to offer it, Tantalus was the second. Availability was Ontario and Alberta only.

By March 2021, both Natural History and Tantalus Labs have LA Kush Cake in more provinces, including BC, where Top Leaf and Citizen Stash also have a competing offering there too (priced in the $13/g average and $12/g average respectively). At this time, the Natural History average price is up to $14 per gram (due to the reserve product available), while Tantalus is averaging $12/g.

Now, in September 2021, the Citizen Stash offering is no longer available. Tantalus Labs prices have dropped to $9/g average in Alberta, $10/g in Ontario, while the competing products from Top Leaf and Natural History have maintained their positions at $13 per gram, on average.

Using CannStandard data, I calculate the average price per gram across the entire date range at $12.98 per gram, and show variance from that average for each brand by province below.


From the CannStandard data, Top Leaf appears to have the majority of the LA Kush Cake market at 49% in September 2021. Natural History is second at 38% and Tantalus Labs picks up the remaining 13%.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we see Natural History and Tantalus Labs trading back and forth between 40% and 60% market share until the release of Top Leaf’s LA Kush Cake in June of 2021. Which cut into Tantalus Lab’s market share substantially and Natural History to a lesser extent.


Market Summary

When I look at LA Kush Cake against sales for all other dried flower SKUs, it falls about 160. Which is around the top 15%, it has some popularity.

Top Leaf and Natural History garner most of the market share currently. They are more expensive than the average, and the competing offering from Tantalus Labs, which happens to be the least popular LA Kush Cake offering currently, but it wasn’t always this way.


On behalf of myself and Squid Pants, thanks for joining us for this post. We’ll be back with another one soon. 

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