Tantalus Labs Blue Dream
Tantalus Labs Blue Dream

Looking at Tantalus Labs Blue Dream today, another one. This is from Tantalus Labs and it’s my second time reviewing their Blue Dream, I haven’t seen it since September 2018.

I purchased this from Alberta’s provincial online store. It was $19.99 for a 3.5-gram package, discounted from $34.99, or thereabout. Because it was on discount, I expected it to be older, but it’s not. Compared to the average of my purchases, it’s well into the fresh side.

So then I started to wonder what’s wrong with it. 


As far as Blue Dream goes, some of these buds demonstrate smaller,  looser growth. Both compared to other producer’s Blue Dream and the Tantalus Blue Dream I saw in September 2018. I didn’t get too far into it before I found a semi-mature seed, found a few shells in the grinds. 

Positive observable features were prominent trichomes, either due to their number, or stalky appearance.


Feel was just on the edge of being fine. Not bad, but not in the range of what’s ideal.


Compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere, the olfaction offered here was reserved. I’ve seen more out Blue Dream, both from Tantalus and homegrown Blue Dream.

Value of Tantalus Labs Blue Dream

I wouldn’t be so quick to call this poor value. Qualitatively better than my other recent purchases within this price segment but still, it feels worthy of being in the segment. I tossed this into the vaporizer, seed shards and all, it was satisfactory. If have high expectations for Blue Dream or, even rolling this up,  you might find a better experience with something else.


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