Today we’re talking Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71 (MedReleaf). Here are the high points we are going to hit:

I don’t think this is Tangerine Dream. I think this is actually the Blood Orange pheno Tangie from Crockett, not Tangerine Dream from that other breeder. This is a good thing.

The quality is well above average.

It combusts properly.

San Raf Tangerine Dream, October 23 2018

So MedReleaf has had their Rex out for a while, supposedly, it’s the Tangie by Reserva Privada/DNA. I was lucky to be able to trade for some and got to try it a while ago. For quality and taste, it blew me away. Priced at $17.50 a gram, I knew I would never pay that much for it, but it was something to try.

The tangie has a reputation of winning every cannabis cup it has ever been entered into. It tastes really unique, and although its not along my favourite profile, you can appreciate that it does what it does really well. However, this review isn’t about the tangie’s profile.

Tangie (Rex), from MedReleaf looking very similar to Tangerine Dream by San Raf (photo taken Aug 31 2017)

Tangie comes from Crockett Family Farms. Not sure how it became a DNA variety, I suspect it was a similar vector to how the Jew Gold became DNAs (they paid for it). If you search the seed banks, Crockett has a Blood Orange Tangie. The colouring of the San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ is more similar to the Blood Orange and unlike any real Tangerine Dream I’ve experienced. Now this isn’t pivotal logic, but an observation I feel pretty strong about.

CannaFarm’s Tangerine Dream, October 30 2017

Some readers may be thinking about epigenetic regulation, production variance and a whole slew of explanations. My guess could be wrong, only MedReleaf knows for sure but take the taste test for yourself. Canna Farms has a Tangerine Dream, they note the breeder, yes it’s the one you’re probably thinking about. Whistler also has a Tangerine Dream, probably by the same breeder. I’ve had both. MedReleaf’s Tangerine Dream tastes unlike either the CannaFarms or Whistler products. I’d bet you feel the same, given the same circumstances. If you had MedReleaf’s Rex in the medical markets and now this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’, the similarities are undeniable. 

Hilariously bad Venn Diagram of how I think Tangerine Dream taste profiles overlap across 3 producers.

Price, the point I’m most excited about it. If I am correct, the $17.50 per gram Rex (Tangie) is now available for $9 and change under the name Tangerine Dream, almost a 50% discount. If I am not correct, it’s still a pretty good deal.

Whistler’s Tangerine Dream, Oct 26 2018, bred by Barney’s, thanks for letting me know @JimBoblif

With the above points aside, this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ is excellent cannabis. It checks all the boxes. For smoking, I’m looking for reliability and performance. It has to work, every time, without fail. If it combusts poorly, I throw it out. Extra points if the taste/character comes through, but it has to work. This TD from San Raf absolutely meets and surpasses the minimum standard that so many producers cannot.

Check my last THCBioMed review, I talk price points, perception of quality and use MedReleaf’s $17.50 Rex as a marker for the high end of the market, both for price and quality. I muse about quality at the $6 price point and suggest that price and quality are not correlated as price increases toward that $17.50 per gram marker. Now, I suspect this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ offers upper echelon quality of Rex, at median (or below) prices.

Just my read on it, thought you might want to know.

Thanks for reading, if you’re interested in continuing on, I’ve just reviewed Pink Kush by San Rafael ’71.

Lazy macro of San Raf Tangerine Dream. It’s just a crop.

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