Today we look at something called Tangerine Cough.

Lineage here is a clone only variant of NL5 Haze called The Cough with something that goes by the name Tangerine. Going by strictly Tangerine, I can track it back to two candidates, one Tangie phenotype and one by CH9,  an incross of another offering they have, Aroma.

Supposedly, The Cough has different traits than the regular old NL5 Haze. I’m only mentioning this because I have no appreciation for this factor below. I did a bit of research prior to writing the formal review, and realized the when I looked into it again to write this intro. Despite the clarification in name, I still feel like the flavours here were very similar to an NL5 Haze derivation. I suspect I’d need to see them both side by side to know the difference.

Check it out below, thanks for reading today’s review.

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